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05/26/2003: "The Definition of Humour"

Kiers: How was the weekend, Jim?

Jim: Bebe's sister and her husband came and Bill, the husband, once again broke the leg off my antique dinning room chair then rolled across the floor. No one else has a problem with the chairs. Bill is so fat he just can't stand up so he pushes the chair back across the oriental carpet under the table and breaks the leg off the chair. Thanks once again fat Bill.

Kiers: Hahaha! I have to laugh loud. I see this happening! So fat that he himself becomes his biggest danger. I see these people on television complaining about the rude world outside staring at them and saying ugly things. "We can not help ourselves, we have a health problem". Yeah, and you know what that health problem is? You fucking eat too much!

Jim: Eat too much is exactly it and don't do anything but pick up the fork. Could it have been any better. He is eating away then rolling on the floor uncontrolled. The man can't pick a penny off the floor without spending the next five minutes catching his breath.
He sits in his Lazy Boy chair watching TV, you know one of those chairs that lays back like a bed. He gets up for a meal or to drive his BMW into town for a candy bar.

Kiers: "eating away then rolling on the floor uncontrolled". HAHAHAHA! Sounds hilarious!
Jim: It was hilarious but this is a repeat performance and he gets pissed when he fucks up.
Kiers: Now you make me piss my pants! If this is a repetative thing and if it pisses him
off then it is way beyond hilarious.

Hilarious happens once. If this situatian happens more than once then it must be totally INSANE because of its repetative character. And INSANITY is the defenition of humour. I mean HIS insanity is OUR fun.

Too bad his visits cost you a chair per visit but what an incredible entertaining value has
this if you take the time to observe it.
Are you able to put this on video once?

Jim: Bill hates to be told anything. No wonder he is so ignorant. He also hates to look stupid. This is how he maintains his stupid ignorance.
So what does his wife Ellen say? She says "This is why Bill hates antiques".
Yes it is the chair's fault. Classic.

huiswaarts huiswaarts vroeger mailtje sturen

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